Does Herpes Stay With You Forever?

Does Herpes Stay With You Forever?
Or Is There A Cure?

“Does herpes stay with you forever?”  This is the first question that goes through the mind of each person who gets a diagnosis of a positive herpes infection.

It is important to understand the answer, because there are so many websites that will make you false promises of a cure.  They are selling various combinations of herbs and other supplements claiming that they have cured herpes, but sadly, no such cure exists at this time.  Here’s such an example of a claim of herpes being cured made in a book sold on Amazon.

Why Has No Cure Been Found?

This is a great question.  We seem to have found a number of cures for diseases throughout the ages.  Some of these cures or vaccines have come about in rapid time – COVID-19 being one of the most impressive vaccine turnaround times ever achieved.

Herpes, by contrast, has seen very little research to stamp it out?  Why?  Well, there are several theories on this matter.  One theory is that since herpes is not life-threatening for the vast majority of people who contract it, it is seen more as a nuisance than a threat to public health.

Another theory is that finding a cure is purposefully being ignored because the pharmaceutical companies that produce medications to help curb herpes symptoms (like Valtrex, acyclovir, etc.) would lose a large market if herpes could be cured.

No one can say for certain why there has not been a cure found, but at present there is no known cure.

If There’s No Cure, What Can I Do?

While no actual cure exists that will rid the body of the herpes virus, there are things you can do to help keep your symptoms at bay.  In essence, it’s really a question of management.  While you can’t get rid of the virus, there are several measures you can take to help keep outbreaks from happening as often or reduce their severity.

Having a healthy immune system is one such measure.  By eating good, clean, whole foods and avoiding processed foods, you are already reducing the amount of stress on your body.

FruitBowl - healthy foods help keep herpes outbreaks at bay

There are supplements such as lysine, monolaurin, olive leaf, and others that have been shown to suppress herpes outbreaks. (Links to amazon products provided for convenience.)

Remember:  You Are Going to Be OK

You have probably landed on this website trying (like the rest of us did initially) to find a cure for herpes online.  While this may happen at some time in the future, it is not reality at the moment.

Take heart.  You are in good company.  So many people around you share your secret.  You just don’t realize it.  They go about their everyday lives just the same as they did before.  Herpes didn’t change who they were.

It seems like the world is going to end when you find out your diagnosis, and the flare ups that you get in the first year or so make you think that you will never be loved or have a normal sex life again.  This is simply untrue.

As you get more adjusted to your new status, it will eventually not be an issue most days.  It will take you some time to get to this point, but hang in there.  You will adjust and you will be ok.